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23 Things : comunicação de Michael Stephens IFLA 2012

Michael Stephens

August 2012 marks the six year anniversary of the debut of Learning 2.0, also known as
23 Things,” a professional development program that aims to educate library personnel
bout emerging information technology and foster the confidence they need to explore its
use in the workplace. Utilizing the theory of transformative learning by Mezirow and
other literature concerning adult learning and professional development as a framework,
this paper will report on recent research into the efficacy and impact of the program on
library staff. Surveys and focus groups completed as part of a joint research project with
CAVAL in Australia and Dr. Michael Stephens form the basis for this paper which is
supplemented with ongoing analysis of new data from follow up studies. The analysis
has yielded the following thematic areas of impact and effect: personal practice is
enhanced with knowledge and confidence; impact is mainly personal, but organizational
changes may follow; libraries are using the tools to varying degrees of success, and
organizational blocks prevent use of tools. These findings offer evidence that Learning
2.0 programs can have a positive effect on library staff and their confidence and ability
to use IT and subsequently on the organization itself.

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