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News from EU Kids Online

 Ø  New report (Apr 2011)  Social Networking, Age and Privacy 

Based on a survey of 25 countries, this report reveals that 38 per cent of 9-12-year-olds use social networking sites in Europe, with one in five of the age group having a profile on Facebook. Observing that age restrictions are partially ineffective, the report then examines whether 9-16 year olds use set their privacy settings, disclose personal information or obey their parents on social networking sites.

Ø  Press release (Apr 2011) Social Networking, Age and Privacy 
 Previous reports:

Ø  Report (Mar 2011)  Digital Literacy and Safety Skills 
Ø  Report (Feb 2011)  Risky Communication Online
Ø  Report (Jan 2011)  Risks and Safety on the Internet: The Perspective of European Children
Ø  Conference Call  Children, risk and safety online, London, September 2011
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