segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Call for proposals Library 2.0 Conference

Temas da próxima Conferência

STRAND 1: "Libraries"- The Roles of Libraries in Today’s World
  • Libraries as community centers
  • Libraries as learning commons
  • Serving distributed and distance users
  • The library as a space versus the library as a
  • Library privatization issues
STRAND 2:  "Librarians & Information Professionals" - Evolving Professional Roles in Today’s World
  • Librarians as Leaders
  • Library and Information Professional Careers in a
    Networked and Changing World
  • Embedded librarians
  • Applying library and information science skills in a
    variety of venues
  • Advocacy and building influence (professionally and
STRAND 3: "Information Organization"
  • Social organization of information
  • Subject gateways, online catalogs, and
  • Metadata:  creation, storage, management,
    dissemination, harvesting and aggregating
  • RDA
  • Library automation / management software / integrated
    library systems
STRAND 4: "Access & Delivery"
  • Digital media and the e-book revolution
  • Social networking use (social networking media for outreach and
    service promotion, location-based mobile social networks,
  • Emerging technology use (augmented reality, QR codes, mobile
    apps and delivery, etc.)
  • The changing roles of publishers
  • Working with vendors in the digital age
  • Conflicts between privacy and freedom of speech in a
    hyperlinked world
  • Measuring and assessing:  determining the effectiveness of
    access and service delivery
  • Outsourcing
STRAND 5: "Learning" - Digital Age Learning Cultures
  • New learning models and the role of the librarian and
    information professional
  • The growth of individualized and self-paced
  • Multiliteracies :  digital literacy, visual
    literacy, media literacy, information literacy
STRAND 6: "Content & Creation" - Changes in Accessing and Organizing Information
  • From Information Consumption to Co-creation and
  • Digital copyright and licensing
  • Open educational resources
  • Open Source Software
  • Multimedia creation and gaming spaces

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