sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Orador convidado Gerald Leitner no 10º Congresso Nacional BAD

7 Abril | Sessão plenária | 11h30

A library policy for Europe | Gerald Leitner

“Do we have a common library policy for Europe?”. From my point of view, the answer is unfortunately a clear “NO”.
What we do have are a couple of initiatives that the libraries are integrated into. Moreover, we have certain recommendations from the EU and a body of regulations concerning the work of libraries but we are far away from having a common policy concerning European libraries. We all know that the European library landscape is heterogeneous. This of course implies that citizens of different countries are not given equal and unrestricted access to information, education and cultural life.
If we believe in the idea of a unified Europe, offering equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens, we will have to initiate a discussion process on the importance of a library policy for Europe and the benefit that this will bring to the European library sector and its users.
The presentation will give an introduction to the purpose of the conference.

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