sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2008

o nº 100

Acompanho assiduamente o blogue Walt and Random e os estudos, sobre a blogosfera LIS, de Walt Crawford, bibliotecário norte-americano, que publica o nº 100 da sua publicação Cites & Insights (em Março 2008) (aqui em pdf).

* 100 Reasons for Doing Cites & Insights - an introduction
* Trends & Quick Takes - ink costs, life without software, the significance of good sound and more: six trends, ten quicker takes.

* Perspective: Tracking High-Def Discs - including a prediction for the likely winner in the format war.

* Making it Work - the biggie: 19 pages devoted to aspects of making libraries better, including reading (reader's advisory, slow reading, etc.), philosophy, hassles, balance, and "Library 2.0 debased."

* Interesting & Peculiar Products - flashy labels, green PCs, supercheap laptops and more: 19 items in all.

* My Back Pages - 16 mini-perspectives, none of them terribly serious.

Vivam as bibliotecas vivas.

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